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HF makes home improvement for you

HF makes home improvement for you 

-  ‘HF Dream House’; An agreement for decent housing for the underprivileged

Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF, CEO Choi Joon Woo) announced on May 26 that it concluded ‘HF Dream House Agreement’ with Citizens For Decent Housing Co.(General Director Nam Sang Oh), to improve housing conditions for the socio-economically disadvantaged. (photo attached)

Based on the agreement, HF will select 270 low-income underprivileged households, including the disabled and the elderly living alone, and provide home repair services for them with eco-friendly materials. Home repair will cover painting, flooring, window sill and insect screen replacement, etc.

In particular, HF will hire 190 craftsmen apprentices for the project, providing them opportunities to work on the field and hone the skills to be professional craftsmen. 

HF CEO Choi commented,” Goring forward, we will not cease efforts to better housing welfare for the underprivileged.“

In the meantime, the ‘HF Dream House Project’ marks the 11th year since its inception. The project has grown into a representative HF CSR program for housing welfare. Through the project, HF has supported living condition improvement for the 1,449 households in total from 2012 to 2021. 

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On May 26, Korea Housing Finance Corporation signed an agreement with Citizens for Decent Housing Co. in order to improve housing conditions for the disadvantaged. HF CEO Choi Joon Woo(on the left) and Decent Housing Co. General Director Nam Sang Oh are taking a photo after signing the agreement at the metropolitan & Gyeonggi headquarters of HF, located in Sejong-daero, Seoul.